Sunday, January 8, 2017

The Price of Elor

Sometimes we hear things and we don't know if they are true...but we fear they might be.

There was a terror attack this morning. News said a truck rammed into 12 people....then it said 3 were killed and 15 I am hearing 4 dead. As suspected, it appears that the victims are mostly soldiers.
You can always count on BBC to slant
the news. After all, five dead children...
really - soldiers, but children...and BBC
writes about the truck driver.

Apparently the driver was shot and killed.

Apparently not by the soldiers but by a civilian that was there.

Apparently the soldiers turned and asked their commanding officer if they should fire.

I would like to congratulate the Ministry of Defense, the Chief of Staff (OMG, resign NOW or be fired!). I would like to congratulate the judges, the media - Haaretz who led the cry in Hebrew and Times of Israel who led the battle to lynch the soldier in English.

Congratulations to all of you. Apparently, we have already begun to pay the price for Elor Azarya's conviction.

Four dead...five in critical condition.

Each...each...each...the price for Elor...too damn high, too damn soon.

Oh and there - to the side - that's how BBC reported it...

The pain is unbearable. Our hearts are breaking. We knew we would pay, but we didn't expect it this darn soon.


Annette Fox said...

heartbreaking and undeniably true

Annette Fox said...

heartbreaking and undeniably true

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