Sunday, January 8, 2017


Elie called a few minutes ago. "You can open the news now," he told me.

My heart sank, my thoughts just froze. "What happened?" I asked, knowing, already knowing.

"Ramming attack in East Talpiot." Not far from where Elie was going to drop off materials for the accountant.

Not far.

There are 10 people who have been wounded; two are in critical condition.

UPDATE: I'm hearing 4 people have been killed. May God avenge their blood....

It is assumed it was a terror attack...the terrorist has been shot.

I opened the news, the sickness sinking down into my stomach. And I looked at the picture - so many soldiers gathered around the scene.

They haven't identified the wounded yet.

Elie was so scary. And Charlie lives near there. And Sara. And Benny isn't far from there on a regular basis. And Sapir. I was there two weeks ago...Elie was there now.

How long can this go on? When the sun is shining and a new week has begun. When my thoughts are leading to next week, when David goes back to the army to begin his last year. When I just want to enjoy Shmulik's new baby, and Elie's darling daughter, and Amira's two amazing and smart sons. When I'm organizing a conference and another trip and I have to write that proposal that I've been delaying.

Why now? Why? Oh God, I think it was soldiers...inside I'm crying and screaming and I'm tired. And angry. Rain is coming but it's sunny today, a beautiful, crisp winter day in Israel and a truck driver decided that he could serve his god by ramming a bunch of kids in green uniform.

Ramming attack. Jerusalem - the holiest city in the world, desecrated again by those who believe in death and not life.

May God send a speedy recovery to the injured and may God send the terrorist to ever-lasting hell.


2senseplain said...

Reports are beginning to circulate that the soldiers were asking permission to open fire while their compatriots were being murdered in front of them. A citizen (isn't completely clear) took out the terrorist. The Azarizya case is already murdering our soldiers and he hasn't even been sentenced yet.

Anonymous said...

Paula, I empathize. At one point I had 3 sons in the army all at the same time.

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