Tuesday, June 30, 2015

How Can You Murder an Angel?

I think somewhere back in my childhood, I thought angels were these special entities that watched over us. My grandmother was an angel. She died just before I was five and I've always felt her. My grandfather died when I was 16, and I've carried him with me since. I loved him so much...and he's been one of my guardian angels. Look, Grandpa, I've said many times...look at her...look at him.

My second grandmother became one of my guardian angels after my fourth child was born...and I gave her name to my fifth child. Oh what pride they would all have felt if they could have seen my sons in uniform, seen how tall Davidi has become, how beautiful Aliza is...Amira as a mother of two little boys.

I've believed in angels always...they whisper in God's ears, sit beside Him. Perhaps, it is with the flick of their fingers, at God's command, the missiles fly off to the west and miss a building full of people.

The one thing I thought was impossible has happened - it turns out, you can murder an angel. Two nights ago, four young men went to a basketball game a short distance from the village in which they live.

A fun night with the guys...summer is here after a long and cold winter. They're just at that age - still wanting the night out and already old enough to have some responsibilities that weigh on them enough to need it. And in a split second, it all changed. A Palestinian terrorist opened fire. All four were hit, but one more severely than the others. His name was Malachi Moshe (Malachi means "my angel").

It was announced that he was in "matsav anush." Anush can be translated as "mortally wounded" - it means that the doctors don't really expect the patient to live. Sometimes they do - and know they were blessed with a miracle. And sometimes, the miracle isn't there. Sometimes, God says no because He has another reason, another need. God called Malachi to him, He took his angel back.

Malachi was rushed to the hospital by helicopter and the doctors tried to save him. They tried and tried...but a short time ago, Malachi died, murdered by Arab terrorists to honor their holy month of Ramadan.

The family released a statement: 
ברוך דיין האמת

משפחת רוזנפלד מודיעה בצער רב על פטירתו של מלאכי משה רוזנפלד הי"ד שנרצח על ידי בני עוולה.

המשפחה רוצה להודות לבית החולים שערי צדק על הטפול המסור.

המשפחה קוראת לאחוד של כל עם ישראל לעם אחד.
Blessed is the True Judge
The Rosenfeld family, with deep sorrow, announces the death of Malachi Moshe Rosenfeld, who was murdered by "villains."
The family wishes to thank the doctors and staff of Shaarei Tzedek hospital for their dedicated attempts to save his life. The family calls on the people to Israel to united as one people.
May God bless the memory of this angel and be with him as he guards his parents from above. May God avenge his blood and may his killers face the Highest Judge very, very soon. Baruch Dayan Emet - Blessed is the one True Judge.

It feels a bit Clint Eastwood here...but I have a message to the terrorists who organized this, who did this, who murdered our angel...

You can run and you can hide...but not from God and not from our angels. That's right...you killed Malachi but we have many angels, so many. Our sons are tracking you...right now, at this very minute...they'll know where you came from, where you went.

They'll find you...they will. With the help of the angels above, with the help of the Almighty, you will be found. It might take a few hours, days...just know, they'll find you.

And when they do, when, not if...when they find you, I will hope that they will be messengers, angels of God.

To add to the sadness, the family lost another son, who was an air force pilot, during a hike in 2002. I cannot begin to imagine their sorrow and pray that they will be comforted among the mourners of Zion and Jerusalem and, please, please God, may they know no more sorrow.

In the Name of Allah

This post was first submitted to The Times of Israel early this morning. A bit over four hours later, they responded with the following:
toi_editor said on June 30, 2015 at 1:51 pmThis post is not approved for publication as it breaches Times of Israel editorial guidelines against offensive speech.
Since they won't share it - I ask that you consider sharing it on Facebook, Twitter, and with your friends.

In the Name of Allah

In the name of allah, the most gracious, the most merciful, Palestinians stoned a bus filled with children yesterday.

In the name of allah, the most gracious, the most merciful, a Palestinian woman approached a young Israeli woman and stabbed her in the neck. (Full disclosure, the young woman, aged 19 was wearing a uniform showing that she was serving her nation by protecting a holy site that is often attacked by neighboring Arabs with rocks, firebombs, etc.)

In the name of allah, the most gracious, the most merciful, four Israeli young men on their way home from a soccer game in Jerusalem were attacked. One is fighting for his life, three others were also injured but expected to recover.

In the name of allah, the most gracious, the most merciful, dozens have been murdered in Tunis and Yemen.

In the name of allah, the most gracious, the most merciful, a man was beheaded in Paris, and the murdered took a selfie with the body to show his pride in his actions.

In the name of allah, the most gracious, the most merciful, an ambulance was attacked, the driver barely surviving at least 19 gunshots fired at, around, and into the vehicle which was thankfully not carrying a patient at the time.

In the name of allah, the most gracious, my son's yeshiva in Ramle was attacked at least three times last week.

In the name of allah, the most gracious, firebombs were thrown this morning at a Jewish neighborhood in Jerusalem.

In the name of allah, the most gracious, the most merciful, Muslims around the world are showing neither graciousness nor mercy this holy month of Ramadan.

And what infuriates me most of all is two things.

The first is that no one is surprised. It's this way every Ramadan, I am told. Every Ramadan, I tell new immigrants to Israel who are shocked by the sudden spike in attacks, this is Ramadan.

The second is the absolute irony that during this same month, the Pope rushes to recognize a Palestinian state, where none exists, where there are no borders, no responsibility, no elections, nothing.

The United Nations rushes to condemn Israel, ignoring life saving measures we took during last year's Operation Protective Edge. Israel, who has never threatened to use nuclear weapons is betrayed by the Obama administration while the US negotiations with Iran and pushes for a deal that will almost secure their getting a bomb...which even without having, they have already threatened to use.

We saved lives by warning citizens in Gaza with leaflets, announcements, and text messages. All but ignoring these measures, the idiotic UN Human Rights report suggests that Hamas' threats to wipe out Tel Aviv constitute "warnings" and thus credit THEM and not us.

A flotilla sails right past Egypt, holder of the keys to one side of Gaza, demanding that Israel stop the blockade. And on the ship - cameras and cellular phones...that constitutes humanitarian aid?

In a world that has turned upside down and almost insane, can it be any wonder that Muslims are rushing to murder and main to honor the name of allah, the most gracious, the most merciful?

This morning, still angry and agonizing over the attack last night, enlightenment dawned. It isn't what I've been thinking - that the world simply hates us - as Israelis, as Jews. Clearly, the 27% hike in anti-Semitic attacks in New Jersey, 21% in the US in general, 23% in the Netherlands, with even worse numbers coming from several other European countries, has been misunderstood.

What changed it? I saw a Facebook post from my younger adopted son, who is vacationing in Italy. He wrote that he went to a concert in "a friggin ancient coliseum in Verona. Sickest two and a half hours of my life!!"

Sickest two and a half hours... now, my Chaim loves several things...he loves to travel, he loves the finer wines and beers (and loves how much I am so not a drinker), and he loves music. Not the kind of music I like, but music just the same. So sick here means good...Sort of like once bad meant bad and changed to good.

The Hebrew phrase, "chaval al ha'zman" used to mean something was a waste of time and now means it's amazing and really worth your time. Apparently, one of the highlights of a trip is to go to a concert that makes you sick!

So maybe it isn't the world that is so misunderstood but rather our interpretation. Maybe merciful doesn't really mean one who offers mercy and gracious doesn't mean kind and giving.

Perhaps the UN is not praising Hamas; and perhaps Islam recognizes that a god that gives honor to those who murder, behead, explode, shoot, stab and stone isn't really God at all.

Too much to contemplate when I am so filled with anger. I prefer using English as it was meant to be used. At least when I am tired and upset.

The UN is hypocritical and biased. Allah is neither merciful nor gracious. To stab a woman in the throat is barbaric; to behead a man is terrorism. To shoot at an ambulance is cruel; to shoot four young men is cowardly and criminal.

And, hopefully, the concert was awesome.

The names of the wounded for prayers are:

Malachi Moshe ben Sarah Nechama
Chananya ben Shula,
Shai ben Nili, and
Yair ben Shoshana.

מלאכי בן שרה,חנניה בן שולה,שי בן נילי,יאיר בן שושנה

Please God, watch over them, heal them, comfort their families as they sit beside their sons. May these young men be granted a full and speedy recovery and may those who have perpetrated all of the above attacks speedily and fully be brought to the Highest Judge of all.

May the God of Israel continue to show His mercy in these trying days of Ramadan.

Monday, June 29, 2015

Stand With Israel Today at the UN (and Around the World)

Here's how you can do something today - take one small action to tell the United Nations that we aren't fooled by their biased stance against Israel. 

This idea came from WUJS - and should be shared far and wide - join the sane world in saying NO to the UN bias against Israel!

It's time to stand up for Israel at the UN
On Monday June 29 the United Nations Human Rights Council will again hold a biased meeting attacking the State of Israel. The Human Rights Council has convicted Israel more times than all the other countries in the world combined.
It’s time to stand up against the bias and no longer accept the constant UN conviction towards Israel. Monday there will be a solidarity demonstration with Israel in Geneva in front of the UN. As we understand that not everybody will be able to physically attend the demonstration we have created an online Israel solidarity campaign.
Here is what you can do to support:
1.Take a picture of your self-holding an A4 support message for Israel. All messages must include ‪#‎RethinkUN and ‪#‎ForIsrael. 
Some ideas for messages: 
- Stop the UNHRC bias against Israel
- I stand with Israel
- Stop the UNHRC obsession with Israel
  1. Post your picture to the event
  2. Invite all your friends to this event
  3. Share the posts from this event. Today we will be posting live updates from the demonstration at the event.

United nations

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Dear Palestinian Shooter - How the Heck Did You Do That?

Dear Palestinian Shooter,

Happy Ramadan. I can tell by the news each day that your people are having a wonderful month. Just days into it and already they've hit dozens of cars and buses, one man beaten to death, several stabbed, and repeated attacks on the light rail in Jerusalem proving, yet again, that the engineer who decided to send the light rail through the Arab neighborhood of Shuafat was an idiot.

You have exploded bombs around the world that have killed a few hundred and shot fireworks at a bunch of 18 and 19 year old unarmed kids playing basketball. Celebrated jihad in France with the beheading of one man, dozens murdered in Tunisia...and here in little Israel, I have to hand it to you - you've tried very hard to murder and maim.

Rockets fired, trains, buses, fireworks, knives, stoning attacks...and now, in the greatest of all mysteries, you fired around 20 bullets at an ambulance, managing to hit on both sides of the driver...and still miss him. My first thought when I saw the video and listened to the driver showing the results of your attack, was "how the heck did you miss?"

It takes talent, it really does, to get so close and still miss so well. I mean - most people either hit the car and kill the person, or miss the car completely. You managed to hit the ambulance and STILL not kill the person.

But then, the ambulance driver explained it perfectly, and during your holy month of Ramadan no less.

"This is ambulance number six-nine of Jerusalem," the driver begins as he holds the video camera (probably his phone) and focuses on the ambulance.

At this point, Elie pointed out that this is a regular ambulance, not one that is bullet proof. Of course, we have those too here in Israel because this isn't the first time Palestinians have fired on our ambulances.

And, at this point, Davidi pointed out that, "and it isn't like we only help Jews. Ambulances help Arabs all the time." Given that David, like Elie, is a regular volunteer for the ambulance - and both have been called into Azariya and other Arab neighborhoods, he should know.

"A few minutes ago," the driver continues, unaware that both Elie and Davidi are trying to explain things to me, "a terrorist who was standing on the side of the road fired. We see here the locations of the "hits". He fired four shots; there were a lot more."

This is where Elie points out that security forces found no less than 19 casings - 19 shots fired...at least five struck the ambulance.

"There are three shots that entered here near the front door and another one in the back," the ambulance driver continues...because at that moment, just minutes after the attack, what really matters to him is that you missed, not how many you fired at him.

He circles to the front of the ambulance where you can clearly see a bullet hole in the front windshield "and the exit point, here, close to the driver's head, and that was me, [he says with a bit of an embarrassed laugh] and another exit point here with the bullet still stuck in the door."

At this point, he focuses in where you can see a bullet-shaped bump pushing outwards. Having gone through one thick metal door, the bullet was slowed down enough that it became impaled just behind the driver's door. It missed him by a few...a very few...inches. 

And then, as we stare at the ambulance in utter shock that you managed to miss him, the driver offers the truth, dear Palestinian shooter, to how the heck you failed to hit him.

"And blessed is God, we came out of this because of a miracle and I believe, maybe, it was a reward for how we work to save lives."

That is the story of this driver, who went home to his family last night. It is very likely that this weekend, he will go to synagogue and say a special prayer thanking God for saving his life; if he is married, his wife will have already said her own thanks for the blessing of not being a widow today.

And you, dear Palestinian shooter, I would like to remind you of what the Hamas spokesperson said over the summer when confronted with the fact that thousands of rockets had been fired at Israel, nearly all of them falling in open fields. The Hamasnik said that they had fired true and well, but that "the God of Israel" kept pushing their rockets to open fields.

The truth is that yestersday, you fired true and well, gave it your very best shot. No one could expect more - you hit the front passenger door no less than three times. One bullet traveled THROUGH the ambulance, which thankfully did not have someone sitting in the front passenger seat, and the bullet whizzed right past the driver's head to exit through the front window.

And another bullet traveled THROUGH the ambulance, which thankfully did not have any patient in the rear...and managed to hit mere inches behind the driver's seat. You could not have come closer before reaching utter failure if you tried...

And, as the driver said, I will say to you. For all that you tried, the God of Israel was watching and protected this man who works to save lives, just as God is forever working to protect Israel.

Blessed is the God of Israel, Who forever watches over His people. He never sleeps; He never slumbers...

So, if your fellow terrorists are asking you, "how the heck did you fire FIVE or more bullets into an ambulance and MISS the driver?" tell them - it was, and always will be, by the hand of God. God's will...God's miracle.


Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Speechless at the Idiocy of the UN

I need to read the report that once again singles out my nation above all others. Our children were kidnapped and murdered; tunnels were dug into our communities so that a massive attack could take place...hundreds would be killed in the ensuing bombardment and terror attacks.

Rockets were fired - hundreds, even thousands of them.

And we were condemned. We announced where we were going to be - leaflets were dropped, cell phones were called...all while rockets were fired at us.

And the UN says Hamas tried to warn us of rocket attacks? I was here, I want to scream at them. I was here. Not once did those...those...oh, I'm too angry to write this post. I can't yet be rational.

What I like to do is take these moronic reports line by line and prove them wrong...and I try to do it in a way that leads the reader to laughter.

I can't do that yet...

Israel did something so smart...we got military experts including eleven former US Chiefs of Staff, a former NATO Military Commander, political leaders from 7 different countries and they issued a simple and clear statement. It is one the exonerates Israel and damns the UN.

Says the group:

“Each of our own armies is of course committed to protecting civilian life during combat. But none of us is aware of any army that takes such extensive measures as did the IDF last summer to protect the lives of the civilian population in such circumstances.”
The UN says we did not do all that we could to save lives in Gaza while ignoring that Gaza did everything it could to take lives.

There has been no greater proof of the UN's bias than this latest affront. When the anger becomes manageable and the first words I can think of are not obscenities, I'll try to offer my opinion.

For now, I'll just say greater fools have not been created than those who think that justice is served by lying.

Minimizing Harm to Civilians - Israel vs. Hamas

Thanks to Lt. Co. Peter Lerner here are some quick and true facts you should know about Israel and Hamas. And, if you read them and think, "well, duh...I knew that" - realize too that the United Nations, the EU, and most Europeans don't know, don't care, and will never take an effort to learn...

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Update on Attack on Ramle School

I spoke to David several times today. Once again today, Arabs threw fireworks into the yard. This time, unlike last night, apparently it didn't start a fire and most thankfully, again no one was hurt.

A very kind offer was made from abroad to donate and perhaps to organize additional donations to hire a security guard. I made this offer to the yeshiva, thinking about making a post here to collect money for this, but the response was that more important than hiring a guard was the idea of installing security cameras.

The boys themselves caught the act on video and posted it. When one boy moved forward to try to catch the Arabs on video, they covered their faces and ran away.

The police were called but it took them a very long time to get there (and one time, they didn't go to the school at all). During the day, yesterday, many of the boys went to the police station and one by one, they each filed a report. It is their legal right and the police had to take each boy's accounting over and over again.

Last night, the police came by and said they were increasing patrols in the area, and ended up catching several Arabs with fireworks near the fence of the school, likely preparing for another attack.

This is good and calms me some...but just as arresting one knife-wielding Arab may prevent the attack in progress, it does nothing to stop future attacks...here too, I have no doubt others will come forward to attack the school, which

So, I am starting a campaign to raise $7,500 to cover the costs of installing security cameras around the school. Please help us finance this as quickly as possible. For now, the police have finally responded and in the end were able to catch some of the attackers. But this is an easy target - 18 and 19 year old boys, pre-army, no training, no weapons. 

Please share this with others - for a single donation, this may be hard, but if we share and donate small amounts, I think we can get there fast.


The video of the attack:

Monday, June 22, 2015

Imagine - the Israeli Version

Imagine...of course, here in Israel, we don't have to imagine...we live this reality and today we stand in shock that despite real evidence, the United Nations report managed to completely ignore truth. They say Hamas tried to warn us when rockets were fired...seriously? I lived that reality last summer. Not once, not stinking, lousy once...did they EVER warn us. What lies, what an abomination...

Anger chokes me...until I saw this video...I am amazed at the calmness in his voice, the way he can find the dream in the lies and nightmare thrown at us today.

Imagine - the Israeli version.

They Attacked My Son's School....

What would you do if you were working on your computer, checking news and Facebook when you got bored...and all of a sudden, you got an update that showed a video of an attack against a school...and the school was the one where your son was at that moment?

Davidi is fine...

I'll start with that, and I'll end with that. I'll stop and I'll settle and I'll push the tears and the burning anger away. Davidi is fine...they are all fine.

Arabs climbed on to the fence that surrounds their yeshiva...and...God...and they shot firecrackers into the yard.

I called Davidi, my hands already starting to shake. "God, please, answer..."

Davidi answered. "Everyone's okay?" I asked in as calm a voice as I could manage.

"Yes," he answered, "everyone's fine."

"There was a fire," I said stupidly. "Did you call the police?"

"Yes," he said, "and the fire went out quickly."

There was some more conversation and somehow mixed in, he said something like,"we were expecting it."

Rule number one - never ask a question you aren't prepared to hear the answer to..."why were you expecting it?" I asked even more stupidly.

"Because it happened last night."

"Oh, God," I think I moaned...

"Ima, we're fine. Don't worry."

Yeah, well, that's fine. Now that you said so...why should I worry?

I can't think straight right now. I can't express my anger and worst of all, I don't know to whom to address it. The government and security forces and police for not being there? They can't be everywhere! Ramla mayor for deciding the best way to "reclaim" the city was by putting a yeshiva full of pre-army teenage boys right there on the edge? Well, yeah, there's one target.

The boys? No, not them...they handled it right. They documented it but didn't get too close? Well, sorry, guys - you were outside, that's already too close for me...but you did good. You did right. Let the world know.

This was a school! Unlike in Gaza, there are no weapons stored there. This is not the first time they have attacked the school...and no, I don't expect world condemnation...after all, with the greatest of gratitude to God, there was no blood and so there will be no great cry of outrage...except from a few mothers, who saw a video and cried as they spoke to their sons...begging to hear...

Davidi is okay...they are all okay...

Please God, watch over my baby...he's so tall, so beautiful...please, guard him tonight and every night and every day and every minute. David is fine...

So, I am starting a campaign to raise $7,500 to cover the costs of installing security cameras around the school. Please help us finance this as quickly as possible. For now, the police have finally responded and in the end were able to catch some of the attackers. But this is an easy target - 18 and 19 year old boys, pre-army, no training, no weapons. 

Please share this with others - for a single donation, this may be hard, but if we share and donate small amounts, I think we can get there fast.

The video of the attack:

The attack was covered by Israel National News. Here is their interview with one of the students.

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Ambulance Stories

I get them every once in a while, just like those soldier stories. Less and less, as time goes by...but likely to start again in a few months, once Davidi goes in. For now, I enjoy the quiet.

We were talking about hospitals as a result of the terror attack today which injured one soldier...and Elie told me this one...

He was on the ambulance. They were called into Azariya, a neighboring Arab area, to evacuate an Arab who needed medical care. Elie and the driver loaded the Arab into the ambulance and told him that they were going to take him to Hadassah Ein Kerem, arguably the best hospital in Jerusalem, if not the country.

The Arab protested; he wanted to be taken to an Arab hospital. So, the team ordered army escort and drove the patient to the hospital he chose - an Arab hospital in Jerusalem. Upon arrival, the patient demanded to see a doctor, but was told there was no doctor in the hospital. If he could explain his problem, they would call a doctor and see if he would be willing to come.

The Arab screamed at the people there, asking them what kind of a hospital this was...and then demanded that Elie's team take him back to Hadassah...which they did.

And, at this moment, at that same hospital, doctors are treated the terrorist who stabbed a soldier today. They will fight for his life, heal his wounds, and do all they can to fulfill the oath they took as doctors.

They have done this for countless other terrorists, sometimes managing to save their lives while their victims fade away and the families leave to bury and mourn. They have done this for the wives of Palestinian leaders, the children and grandchildren who were quietly driven or flown from Gaza to take advantage of some of the best healthcare in the world...even during battles that were waged and rockets being fired.

The doctors at Shaarei Tzedek today struggled to stabilize and save the life of a young soldier. As hard as they had it, in many ways it was worse for the doctors at Hadassah. I can't imagine how it feels to work to save the life of a man you know has stabbed a soldier, rammed his car and murdered an infant, a police officer, or someone who has blown up a bus, a restaurant...

For all the money in the world, it is not a job I would wish on anyone.

Funny...In a Pathetic Sort of Way

On Friday, a Palestinian stopped an Israeli car - two Israeli men in their 20s had chosen to take the day and go hiking to a natural spring, deep enough to swim. Elie has done it; so have Shmulik and David. Only this time, when they noticed the small pool was filled only with Arabs, they decided to look elsewhere.

As they were driving away, an Arab approached them and asked them a question. The Israelis answered and again prepared to drive away. The Arab turned away and then approached them again - this time with a gun. He shot and killed one, at point blank range, and injured the second. That was part of a day in which there were dozens of other rock attacks and the light rail was hit again by stones.

This morning, a young Arab of 18 years old, approached a young Israeli, who happened to be in the uniform of the State of Israel. The Arab stabbed the Israeli repeatedly as the soldier managed to free his weapon and shoot the Palestinian.

By the time the ambulance arrived, both men were on the ground - one stabbed and in very serious condition, one shot and in critical condition. Each was scooped up and taken to a nearby hospital - thankfully for the sake of the soldier's family, to different hospitals.

So, I saw the following headlines on one site:

 This was published late in the day, after the hospital announced that it had successfully stabilized the soldier's condition. It also noted that "despite his severe wounds, the Border Policeman succeeded in fatally shooting the terrorist."

Now, in my book, fatal means dead, right?

Well, later in the article there was this piece of information:


So...I thought that was funny, in a pathetic sort of way.

By contrast, this headlines from Sky News was just pathetic all around...
So a Palestinian was shot AFTER stabbing an Israeli officer...first, I might be wrong, but I haven't heard anywhere that the soldier that was stabbed was an officer, but that's minor.

Why doesn't it start with the beginning of the story - Palestinians Stabs Israeli Officer - that is, after all the key story here.

It would be akin to writing, "Woman Stabs Man After Being Raped."

The violence is in that last part, when the violence itself is the story. The stabbing, the raping - that is what is wrong; that is what made the news. Perhaps a sub-headline could announce, with pride, that despite being stabbed, the soldier fought back; despite being raped, the woman overpowered her attacker.

The story is NOT that a Palestinian was shot. In fact, what was shot was a terrorist who attempted to murder someone who wasn't even on duty. He was just walking past when the Palestinian pulled a knife and listened to the call of his society.

It is pathetic that again and again, international news agencies refuse to properly report what happens here. The minute a man rapes a woman, he is nothing - most certainly NOT the victim. His injuries are incidental; his cowardice monumental.

The minute a Palestinian pulls a knife and begins to stab a passerby, man or woman, no matter what they are wearing, his is nothing - most certainly NOT the victim. His injuries are incidental; his cowardice monumental.

May God send Roz, son of Carmela, a full and speedy recovery.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

A Day in the Life of Israel

Between the hours of 6:00 a.m. and 9:00 p.m.

So here's a bit more clarification on today's life in Israel:

שני פיגועי אבנים לעבר הרכבת הקלה בירושלים, פיגוע אבנים לעבר אוטובוס באל ערוב, אבנים לעבר כלי רכב חונים בעיר דוד, ניסיון לינץ' ביהודי שנפצע באזור בית חנינא בירושלים, חייל פצוע מאבנים באזור כוכב יעקב, אבנים לעבר בסיס עטרות בירושלים, תקיפה מילולית כלפי חיילנו שהגיעו לסיור בהר הבית, ערבים שירדו עם טוריות לכביש בגזרת יקיר וביקשו לפגוע בנהגים יהודים ועוד 17 אירועים שונים שנרשמו מאז הבוקר בשעה 06:00 ועד לשעה 21:0

  1. Two stoning attacks on the light rail in Jerusalem (no injuries but more smashed windows).
  2. Rocks thrown at a bus near El Aruv
  3. Rock attack on cars parked in Ir David
  4. Attempted lynching of a Jew who was wounded near Beit Hanina in Jerusalem
  5. Soldier wounded by stone attack near Kochav Yaakov
  6. Rocks thrown near the base in Atarot, Jerusalem
  7. Verbal attacks on soldiers who arrived for a patrol on the Temple Mount
And at least another 18 similar attacks between the hours of 6:00 a.m. this morning and 9:00 p.m.

France without Jews

In January, 2015, in response to a horrific terror attack in a kosher supermarket that did not target "a random bunch of folks in a deli," France's Prime Minister made the following comment: “France without Jews is not France.” 

When I was in London, we were invited to lunch (and dinner) by an amazing family. I sat next to a young woman who had left France to live in London. Today, I saw a statistic that said 25 percent more French Jews moved to Israel in early 2015 than in the same period in 2014.

When I was in Amsterdam, the increased security to protect Jews there was obvious. Sometimes it amused me; sometimes it saddened me. When France's Prime Minister spoke those words back in January, I thought to myself that in some ways, they were very selfish words.

France...France...France...but what of the Jews?

What is best for the Jews in France...shouldn't that be a consideration? I can understand why France would not want to be seen as Judenrein...and how much more insulting does it get when the reason that France would be void of Jews was not that some outside force came can murdered them all, as the Nazis attempted to do to make the world free of Jews...no, imagine the insult if the Jews themselves got up and left.

And what would be left in France if all those who feel threatened by this tide of hatred against Jews were to leave?
First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Socialist.

Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Trade Unionist.

Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Jew.

Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.
                  -- Pastor Martin Niemöller (1892–1984)
Who will speak for France...and Belgium...and England...and Holland...and Germany? I don't know...

I do know that if the Jews are leaving France (and they are), it is because finally they have awakened. More and more, it is looking likely that the French will have to deal with what France will be like without Jews...as will, perhaps other places in Europe.

And if this will be the case, they have no one to blame but themselves.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

It's Not My Responsibility

There are things that you never say to a Jew. They "ring our bells"; either they drive us crazy, or they drive us to tears. Chief among these things is the too-often-used excuse, "I was just following orders."

I think second one that drives me crazy is "it's not my responsibility." Sometimes, that's a reasonable thing to say, but often it is the wrong thing. I posted a video here that an American Jew made in Ireland. Three small stores...all willing to do business with Iran, North Korea, Sudan...just not Israel. 

The most reasonable response I received was from a man who has received death threats because he supports Israel. Despite this and his request for anonymity, he made some very good points. Here are some of them:
Let me put this in context, Ami filmed 3 small stores in Ireland. He claims Ireland is the ground zero of BDS. Untrue. One students union on ONE university on the island of Ireland boycotts Israel. How many U.S. Universities and student unions boycott Israel now? Let's not be hypocritical here.

Also Irish people are polite. We don't argue face to face with strangers. I have sat at tables or on trains and listened to people say things I completely disagree with but culturally we just let it go over our heads and ignore it. Why bother wasting energy ?

Ami is American, he speaks fast and rattles of all these terms like gulag etc, by and large the staff look uninterested in what he has to say and are just like "yeah" and smiling and nodding. That is something you do in Ireland in an uncomfortable situation is smile and nod in the hope that person will just go away.

Americans presume because we are white we are somehow similar. No we have different cultures.

No one talks about leprechauns in Ireland , Ami starts his video with "I am here in Ireland home to Guinness,Leprechauns and Lucky charm cereals" firstly Guinness is Owned by a French company; secondly Hollywood is more obsessed with Leprechauns as are American tourists. Most irish laugh at such talk: as for Lucky Charm cereal; I had to google that as I never heard of it, turns out to be a sugary breakfast cereal in the U.S.

Imagine if I did an uncover report of BDS on US campuses and started off by saying "Here I Am in America ,home to morbid obesity, gun crime and slavery". It is just low and Ami and other American Zionists won't win over a single Irish person If the first thing they are going to do is insult Irish people.

All the major supermarkets stock Israeli products, Dead Sea Products are easily available.

These are small hippy food coops, but do you know what is funny, there are probably more lefty co-ops in your state boycotting Israel than in all of Ireland but it seems to be such an American trait to look across the pond and say "Oh look at what those awful people are doing over there, while ignoring what is happening in their backgarden".

For the last two days, all I have seen is comments mocking Roman Catholics (I am not Catholic) but I am offended to see Jews and Evangelical Americans express so much sectarianism. I have seen so many comments mocking the Irish Famine, something which is very painful for the Irish.

As for your paragraph stating Protestants support Israel and Catholics don't in Ireland, that is a very dangerous stereotype and one that simply isn't true. If you would actually like to learn more without reacting in a knee jerk way, I am happy to answer some questions.
So I wrote the gentleman and offered to post his response. While he does say that the video is unfair, nowhere does he say it is not his responsibility. Rather, he is doing what he can ... to the point that people have threatened his life. Wow.

It's not my responsibility is wrong in so many ways. Is it Israel's responsibility to help people injured in an earthquake in Nepal or Haiti? We are continents away...and yet we answered, we flew, we saved lives.

It is our responsibility to fly to Turkey, Kenya, even to places in the United States hard hit by devastating natural events (and man-made ones as well)?

In Judaism, there is the concept, we are all responsible...one for the other. Long before there were Jews or Christians, the concept was taught to man..."Am I my brother's keeper?" Cain asked God.

When your nation does something unjust, how much more so is it your responsibility to correct, to balance, to accept that it IS your responsibility to counter evil?

Last summer, as my nation staggered from over 4,000 rocket attacks which came immediately after the brutal and agonizing murder of three teenage boys...I was bombarded with anti-Israel and even anti-Semitic comments. From Ireland, I was told that Hitler should have finished the job; that we were Nazis (even though there were no concentration camps, no gas chambers, no starvation and no systematic genocide in Gaza). My sons were cursed from Ireland. My country wrongly accused.

So to the person who sent me the tweet above - it IS your responsibility. It is. I went to a wedding tonight and returned a short time ago...as I often do, I checked the headlines. It says that Israel has announced that it is ready to step in to prevent a massacre in Syria...not our own people, but people who need someone to step in and safe them.

It is your responsibility. If you can't stop it, you can at least condemn it. Go to the three stores that are boycotting Israel and demand to know why they are not boycotting Syria, Iran, North Korea, Sudan.

Sunday, June 14, 2015

I Nominate...for this Year's Darwin Awards...

An Arab terrorist decided to throw a Molotov cocktail at an army jeep. I'll start off by saying that the soldiers inside the jeep that was hit by the flames of hatred were not hurt.

I'll add that the army will probably be able to fix the jeep, though on second thought, perhaps not.

And finally, I'll add that the Arab who threw it...well, he's definitely seen better days.

In fact, though according to the news here, I'd say he will not even see tomorrow, never mind better days.

I'll post the next picture but before I do, I'd like to add a thought and a question.

The thought first - this was a strong vehicle. It overturned. Amazingly enough, the soldiers inside were not injured. It is unlikely they intentionally caused the vehicle to crash and roll. That was caused by the hail of rocks and firebombs.

As a parallel thought, I'll add that a few months ago, an Israeli car was firebombed and an 11 year old Israeli girl was severely burned over most of her body. It will take her years to recover, multiple surgeries and more...her parents' car was destroyed. The difference, I guess, between an armored vehicle and regular cars. Those are my thoughts as I see the picture above and the next one as well.

Here's the second picture - one of the terrorist is dead under there. The story is that an army unit went in during the night to issue summons orders. When they came out, they were attacked with huge rocks and firebombs. They knew that they needed to get out of the village before dawn but the ambush was well planned; the soldiers trapped.

In trying to evade one barrage, they were hit with a firebomb and, crashed, and the jeep turned over (inadvertently pinning and killing one of the terrorists).

As fuel dripped from the smashed engine, the soldiers managed to get out and had to fight their way through rioting Arabs as the army sent in more fighters to help rescue them.

And now the question - when you hear about this incident...what will you hear...and what will you think?

You will hear that Israeli soldiers driving an army jeep ran over a Palestinian and killed him. That is likely all you will hear, if you even hear that.

You will not hear that the Palestinian had just tossed a firebomb at the soldiers; that others were surrounding the vehicle and throwing boulders at them. You will not hear that the soldiers were surrounded and likely feared for their lives; nor will you hear how old these soldiers are...likely close to the same age as that Palestinian under the jeep who met his death solely because he chose violence...as the Palestinians have been doing for decades.

You will not hear that even the parents of the young Palestinian there were out rioting and screaming...only later to find that their son was a victim of his own actions, a martyr to Islam and stupidity.

You will not hear that soldiers risked their lives to go in and save their besieged brothers in arms. You might hear that there were no injuries among the soldiers and take that to mean that the soldiers were not in danger.

The story you will likely hear will assign all the blame to Israel and none to the Palestinians. It will refer to him as a "victim" but won't admit that he, like most Darwin Award winners, are often the victims of their own stupidity...and in this case, this young man was not only a victim of his own stupidity but a victim of the culture in which he was raised.

He was not, in reality, killed by the jeep or the soldiers but rather by the society in which he was raised...that is the true story here, the one you will probably never hear on CNN, BBC, Sky and NBC and ABC and Reuters.

Ireland - Land of Leprechauns and Hypocrites

During the war last summer, I was surprised at how often I was attacked by people from Ireland. At one point, in frustration, I asked, "is there anyone in Ireland that doesn't hate Jews?"

Several people answered me - most explained that there is a huge divide in Ireland between the Catholics and the Protestants...and that Catholics were firm in their hatred of Israel (and Jews).

Here's an amazing video - of Ami Horowitz who went to Ireland and offered them the opportunity to purchase items from such amazingly inhumane regimes as Iran, Sudan, and North Korea...to a store, each owner was quick to show interest, and agree that they would not purchase from Israel.

It reminds me of an incident that I had planned to write about...and likely will. The short version was a quick meeting with a young man from Malaysia who explained that despite his personal interest in visiting Israel, he never can...because according to Malaysian law, he can visit anywhere in the world...any country...except Israel.

Here's Ireland...not very impressive...

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Far From Home

Once again, I'm traveling to a business conference, taking a plane to a distant land. Last time, it was India...different in so many ways from Israel and yet I felt that it was also similar. People are people, I thought to myself when I was there, with the same basic thoughts, feelings, concerns. What occupied the minds of many Indians, at the conference there and wherever we were, was making a living, surviving and even prospering. They were very concerned about security, very aware. Wherever we went, when we said we were from Israel (and we did often), the Indians reacted with a smile and a greeting...unless they were European tourists...then they rushed to tell us that they were pro-Jewish...and anti-Israel, that...as one British man told us sadly...they are concerned about what has happened to the Jewish people...we used to be different.

Yes, I thought to myself, we are different. We've learned to defend ourselves; we've rebuilt OUR land and worse, in the eyes of the Europeans, we're doing a darn good job at making it a success. The poor, battered, grateful Jew doesn't exist in Israel and amazingly enough, is becoming less and less willing to stay in Europe.

Europe...that's where I am now. I'm at a conference outside of London. We landed yesterday and took a bus to Southampton. As always (wow, that's funny that I wrote that...it's only my third time here and the second time consisted of being inside a Heathrow terminal for 8 hours)...but yes, I always find England beautiful. The houses, the green land, the endless rivers tucked in the most amazing places. Yesterday, we took the bus from London to Southampton with a really nice lunatic driver that left me sick to my stomach, smiling and thanking him and then suggesting we skip a cab and walk to the hotel so that I don't have to get in a car.

Beautiful hotel; amazing and kind workers here. I find I am more nervous in England than I was in India. There, we were anonymous unless we chose not to be. We were foreigners in a world where they expected foreigners to come and we were not readily identified except in Cochin, where many Israelis visit. There, the merchants called out to us in the few Hebrew words they likely had insisted Israelis teach them (yalla ... which is Arabic and means "let's go"...but is widely used by Israelis; sababa...which is Arabic too, and means "great/excellent/cool"; shalom...that one is definitely ours and means "hello" and "goodbye" (yeah, confusing) and most of all "peace"; and "mah nishma" which means "how's it going?" or "what's happening?" or "what's up").

As in India, my brain is working in Hebrew...I'm anxious to speak the language, even with my children, with whom I usually only speak in English. I crave home; I crave the language...and I only left yesterday! I miss my children and my grandchildren...I'm going to miss almost 1/4 of Aharon's life...little Michali cried when I left, and I didn't get a chance to kiss Yosef before I left.

Last night, as we were settling into the hotel trying to relax...when I saw that two missiles had been fired. I can't begin to explain what it feels like to know you are far from home...while knowing it's starting again...

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Swim 4 Sadna

This Friday, where I'll be is at a professional conference on distant shores. I'm looking forward to the trip, the experiences, the touring, the fun. I'll miss a week in the life of Amira's baby...since he's only been with us for a few weeks, that's saying a lot. A while ago, I kissed little Michali, knowing I wouldn't see her for a bit over a week.

And, I'll be missing something else. I first heard about this years ago and thought about doing it...but life got in the way and I didn't do it and I'm sorry now. Swim4Sadna is an amazing annual event. Women from all over Israel gather and swim across the Sea of Galilee...it's amazing. Two plus years ago, I fell and injured my shoulder and ended up having surgery...I doubt my arm is up to the task of swimming that distance but the possibility slipped away as soon as I realized the dates coincided with this conference in the UK.

In the past, over 400 women took this challenge and swam the sea - all to raise thousands of shekels (and dollars) for an amazing cause. The Swim for part is obvious...the Sadna part...is an amazing educational program that includes a vocational program that prepares older students for independence and communal living.

In other countries, some of these young people with special needs might be abandoned, their potential never reached. In Israel, whole programs are created to help them become so much more than perhaps even they could have ever believed possible.

The learn to cook, to bake, to help manufacture cheese and yogurt from Sadna farm animals. The idea came, as so many good ideas do, from a mother who wanted the best for her son. Vivienne Glaser's brilliant idea continues to grow, year after year.
“Last year we funded the Sadna cafeteria," said Vivienne, "which is open to visitors on Fridays, where some of the students have been learning how to serve the food. Now we need an educational kitchen where they can learn how to cook, for themselves and for others. It is all about empowerment – empowering students to learn crucial life skills and develop their independence, and empowering ourselves to swim.”

I'm sorry that I won't be swimming...I'm sorry that even if I was here I wouldn't have been able to join them physically...but I'm so excited for many of my dear friends who will be swimming!

I watched this video (see below and smile!!!) and I smiled at how many of these women I actually know...I'm sorry to miss this but I know they'll swim true and I'm so proud of each and every one of them!

Monday, June 1, 2015

Summer to a Kid

My youngest daughter is counting the days until she is free of school. In her case, it's a bit stronger than other years. Sadly, her school failed her this year and it honestly wasn't for lack of her trying. In essence, she was defeated before she began. I've seen the school do this to other kids - hound them until they surrender and leave. I honestly didn't expect to see them do it to Aliza, but they did.

They aren't warm and friendly, they'll tell you readily and they are so proud of being so big, they don't really have time to invest in the kids. Seems to me, that makes them poor educators but anyway. She should go where the teachers will care about her, I was told...seriously? How can any school have the nerve to say that to a parent!

So, we're looking to send her elsewhere - something the school is so very happy about and anxious to help. "Anything we can do to help," the rabbi told her almost gleefully!

I've held my tongue for months, but I'm so sick of how easily they judge girls and worse, how they don't really back down even when you prove them wrong. I surrender.

She's leaving and the school will maintain its path...which is anything but the right one for where our city. They want to be elitist, proudly rejecting local kids in favor of those who come from other areas (and pay more money to dorm). I've said for a long time, that the management should leave and to a place where there are many schools rather than forcing a huge number of girls to live away from home or be subjected to long commutes.

Someday, I hope the city will step in and say enough...anyway, Aliza is desperately counting the days...we were sitting and talking about it and she told me how she and her friends were discussing things...schools almost over, she said. It's already very hot outside. Now all we need is the missiles and we'll know summer has arrived.

Summer to an Israeli kid...

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