Friday, November 6, 2015

Yariv Oppenheimer to Leave Israel

Yariv Oppenheimer, who has the misguided notion that peace now is an option, is criticizing a hero...a 19 year old soldier who had the intelligence and quick reflexes to stop THREE terrorists who were about to attack and, in their twisted minds, achieve glory through cold-blooded murder.

That the ones the terrorists would have murdered are Israelis and Jews means nothing to this man who has dedicated his life to the delusional concept that we can make peace alone.

Oppenheimer is upset that the country is proud and grateful to Corporal dare we praise this young man for acting swiftly to prevent tragedy and think of the poor dead Palestinians who failed to adequately murder anyone before being sent to hell.

Oppenheimer demands that the soldier be put on leave. I have a better suggestion  - for the good of the country, for the good of the army and even for the good of Yariv Oppenheimer...please, you leave Israel. This is land you do not love because if you loved Israel, you would understand that you cannot make peace with a man holding a knife at your throat.

First he must put the knife down. First he must want peace, crave it as we do. Then, all avenues are open; all possibilities can be explored. But when he is poised to put a knife in the back of your friend, your grandmother, your child - you shoot...and you shoot to kill.

This is what Corporal T did - three times. It is not something any country should ask of a 19 year old but having asked it, having received his bravery, your response shows you've lost whatever Israel was in you. You choose death over life; glorify killers over a brave young man.

Leave Israel, Yariv - for your own good. Find another place to live where you think they match the ideals you believe in.

...perhaps Yemen? Morocco? Syria?


Anonymous said...

nope. we take all jews -- we want all jews. even those whos theories on how israel should operate we find suicidal. they are ours, and we take them in, and we deal with them. its part of what israel is, what israel means. we are all one family, even the destructive ones.
[i would draw the line at those few with destructive intent.]

A Soldier's Mother said...

Hey anonymous - when someone is upset because a soldier saved Jewish lives, I would certainly call that destructive intent.

Yariv is no patriot - he is the fifth column, the Trojan horse, the enemy from within. If we were all slaves in Egypt, he'd be condemning Moses. If we were in concentration camps, he'd be calling for us to submit more to the will of the Nazis.

In all generations, there have been "ghetto" Jews - Yariv Oppenheimer is this generation's.

NancyB said...

Corporal T is a hero!!! I've been following (as closely as I can from CA) the many young soldiers who have saved countless lives while directly placing themselves on the front line. I am in awe of them and the citizens of Israel who are living through this waking nightmare. I am obsessed with what's going on there and read Israeli coverage many times daily. From thousands of miles away, it is very painful to finally have perspective of all that Israel is dealing with. I read a terrific article today that lifted my spirits. I agree with every word of it. Paula, I'm wondering what your thoughts are on this article? You and your family are in my daily prayers.

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