Thursday, November 12, 2015

Why CNN Failed AGAIN

CNN is running an article that makes Israel sound terrible! Honestly, what kind of a country do I live in!

According to CNN, Secret forces of Israel went into an Arab hospital, kidnapped and killed a wounded man. Horrible. Just horrible...

But the wounded man was wounded - in a terror Israel claims. Really, we claim? Do you, CNN, have a better explanation for how the man was wounded? Do you have any evidence to suggest the Israeli version is incorrect?

CNN wants to throw some bread crumbs Israel's way, so they write, "These attacks -- which have taken place in Jerusalem, around Jewish settlements in the West Bank and elsewhere."

Allow me to explain that in this case, everywhere is:

  • Afula
  • Beersheva
  • Beit Shemesh
  • Haifa
  • Kiryat Gat
  • Netanya
  • Petach Tikvah
  • Raanana
  • Rishon Lezion
  • Tel Aviv

In other words - in addition to Jerusalem, Hebron, Kiryat Arba, Maale Adumim, Beitar and places in Gush Eztion and north of Jerusalem, there have been many attacks in northern Israel, the coastal region, southern Israel and Jerusalem. As of November 10th, there has been in Israel at least:
  • 65 stabbings
  • 7 shootings
  • 8 car rammings
At least 158 people have been wounded, 72 treated for shock and 12 people have been killed.

It is no accident that CNN writes as it does - the anti-Israel agenda shines through. None of the places listed above can be considered "Jewish settlements" and some are hours away from Jerusalem. The one lesson I can only hope Israelis have learned in this latest intifada is that this is NOT about the settlements and this is not about Jerusalem. This is about all of Israel and this is about outlets like CNN not wanting you to know this.

CNN - your reports offer a never-ending example of how journalism can be corrupted.


NancyB said...

I find CNN's coverage so consistently inaccurate and biased that I can no longer watch anything from CNN. Their deplorably counterfactual coverage is calculated. And clearly openly anti semitic. This horrific intifada has made it crystal clear to me that the settlement excuse is just "code" and more obfuscation. Very Orwellian and beyond disturbing.

ProphetJoe said...

Hoping you are home from Germany and safe. I found it unusual and somewhat disturbing that you hadn't posted about the Paris attacks. Hoping all is well...

US Merchant Marine Officer said...

we need reports on early sightings of french words entering Israeli slang.

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