Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Well! How Rude!

Remember the mess we had with Orange/Partner? We went to Orange after we were cheated by Cellcom for 8,000 NIS. It took a while, but we finally got that money back. By then, we already realized that Orange was way worse. They took our 16 lines from Cellcom and registered 75 lines and started charging us. It took us months to get them to delete part of those and we still haven't really finished with them as they keep charging some mythical account for mythical services they never gave.

We went to Pelephone with great hopes and a clear legal agreement which included new phones, the cost of which was credited against calls; a free netstick (we paid for the Internet but not the sticks), and access to a specific representative who spoke English. All written down, signed and agreed upon.

And then Pelephone canceled the representative - break one of the contract.

Then they canceled the discount without telling us. Our bill went from around 800 NIS a month to 1,500 NIS.

Then they canceled something else - our bill last month was 2,000 NIS.

The three years are up - we are so moving away. My husband began getting prices. As expected, Rami Levi and Golan offered very decent, fair pricing. We didn't go to Orange -

We went to Pelephone and as existing customers they offered us 65 NIS a month per line and told us we should be happy because they offered that only after special permission. Did I mention a NEW customer is being offered 50 NIS?

We wanted to tell them to go take a hike. My husband went down there and after seeing that they won't come close to what others are offering, he found out that they'd been stealing charging us 150 NIS a month for the netstick that was supposed to be free. He told them to cancel it on the spot.

They refused to cancel it - but offered us a deal. If we buy 12 tablets and pay for them over 3 years, they'll give us 8 lines - or something ridiculous like that.

My husband began recording the conversation because the number kept changing. At that point, the Pelephone branch manager of the Talpiot branch - obviously a man of about 5 years of age - took the microphone and started,  saying, "I'm Cellcom. I'm Cellcom. I'm Cellcom," to the great amusement and laughter of the other Pelephone workers.

The only one who had the decency to be embarrassed was the security guard.

So, if you're thinking of Pelephone as an alternative to Orange - think again. At least if you plan to go to Talpiot.

What a rude...

As for us - we are gratefully sending Pelephone a letter telling them that we honestly don't need their services, abysmal and ever-changing as they have been. We are moving to yet another company. We'll also complain to the Ministry of Communication - but I have little hopes of real action. Until they cancel the licenses of these companies or take real action on behalf of consumers, we will also continue to suffer from cellular agony.

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