Wednesday, November 27, 2013

A Tear for a Star

Arik Einstein died last night at the age of 74...he was unparalleled in the music industry in Israel and I doubt there are many parents in Israel who didn't hear one of his songs as their youngest children finished nursery school and moved on to first grade. They grow so fast...and Arik Einstein's song, "Fly Little Bird" always brought me to tears..."fly wherever you want, but don't forget there's an eagle in the sky, be careful..."

Fly Little Bird

My little birds have left the nest 
Spread their wings and flew away 
And I, an old bird, remained in the nest 
Really hoping that everything will be alright. 

I always knew the day would come 
When we'd have to part 
But now it came to me so suddenly 
So what's the wonder that I'm a bit concerned. 

Fly, little bird 
Cut through the sky 
Fly to wherever you want 
Just don't forget 
There's an eagle in the sky 
Be cautious... 

We are now alone in the nest 
But we are together 
Hold me tight and tell me yes 
Do not worry, it's fun to grow old together 

Fly, little bird... 

I know that it's just nature 
I also left a nest 
But now when he comes the moment 
I get choked up (in the throat) 
I get choked up... 

Fly, little bird...

Monday, November 18, 2013

This is Israel as You've NEVER Seen Before

Israel was the Philippines.

At an Israeli field hospital.

Set up by doctors, nurses and rescue teams sent by the State of Israel.

Because that is what we do...

Because that is what is right...

Because that is what everyone should do.

His parents came to the hospital and trusted that the doctors would help them...and they did - as they have helped almost 1,000 others in the few short days they were there.

And when the baby was born, in gratitude, his parents named him Israel. May Israel grow in strength and soul and may he always know that people came from far, from a land he may never know, to help him because that is what the people of Israel do.

Israeli doctors hold baby Israel in the Philippines shortly after his birth

If you believe peace is possible...

If you believe peace is possible in the Middle East, you should watch this video...I wish Obama would. No, I don't expect him to, but here is the situation in the Middle about 3 minutes.

Listen to this. You may not like it...but it is the truth. This is a professor of Arabic and Islamic Studies at a major university in Israel. He knows what he is talking about. He has studied this; he has spent many years understanding the realities of which he speaks.

Again, you may not like it - especially if you are someone who still believes peace is possible. If so, this is an anathema to you; this is something that goes against all you want to believe. What you have to understand, in the simplest of terms, is that just because you dream of doesn't mean others do too. You may believe peace is possible, but are you sure that the Arabs dream of the same peace you are trying so hard to create?

Stop imposing YOUR beliefs on the Muslims...start understanding what THEY believe. If there is ever going to be will only start when you, those in the west, those who believe Obama is interested in peace in the Middle East, understand the philosophy, the ideology, the dogmatic, unwavering, uncompromising stand of Islam.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

The Art of Failed Negotiation

Obama is insulted. How dare Israel question the intelligence, the effort, the determination of the United States in negotiating a deal with Iran? The answer, thankfully, is that the deal Obama attempted to negotiate really had little to do with intelligence, effort, determination, or, for that matter, the best interests of the United States, Israel, or the world.

 As one Israeli commentator laughed on the radio, telling us that it is premature to protest a deal before it is signed is absurd. Do you expect us to wait until AFTER it is signed? Apparently, Obama did...and now, boy his he angry.

 Well no matter. I found this picture on Facebook (credit to Senator Mark Kirk) seems to explain the deal pretty well.

"This is a very, very bad deal," said Bibi in what is likely to be the understatement of the year.

UN Bloopers...the Truth

Here's a great video - you have to watch it to the end. Once again, the UN is overwhelmingly voting to condemn Israel and this time, even the translator is astounded. There's got to be something else going on besides the endless need to condemn

At the end, she asks to be forgiven - not for the truth she spoke, but for having the truth overheard by others. A problem in translation, she suggests? No, a problem in reception.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Afula Attack...

It isn't a secret - in Israel, there are several major intersections of traffic through which thousands of soldiers pass each day. One is the city of Afula, which is, in many ways, the gateway to the north.

Whenever Elie was stationed somewhere in the north, he often passed through the Afula central bus station. Afula usually means a long bus ride. Within minutes, the tired soldiers go to sleep, magically to awaken before they need to catch the next bus.

Today, a 16-year-old I write I write man? No, not a man certainly. My definition of manhood doesn't involve stabbing an 19-year-old repeatedly while he is asleep. And if his age were not tragic enough, Idan Attias had only been in the army for three weeks...His killer is not a child, not a boy, not a man. He is old enough to want to kill; he certainly is no child.

So, this 16-year-old entity, high on love of Allah and the dream of becoming Islam's latest martyr, boarded a bus in Afula with a young Israeli soldier and waited until he had fallen asleep. The Arab then began stabbing the soldier, who was rushed to the hospital in critical condition where he died a short time ago...may God avenge his blood.

Under interrogation, the Arab says he boarded the bus with the intention of killing Israelis. And as I listened, I thought of how many times my boys slept on buses...and how easily this could have happened to any one of them or any other soldier...anywhere, any time.

And I thought of something else too...I hate doing this, asking you to go to another link to read it but I'm not allowed to double post the article here... I wrote it on The Times of Israel - and called it The End of the World...

I’m sitting in my office in the middle of Jerusalem…and someone’s world has just ended. Somewhere in Israel, a few hours ago, there was a knock and without thinking, the woman walked to the door and opened it. Perhaps it was a man, even a sister or a brother. It doesn’t really matter. 
No words really need to be said…
There would have been at least two soldiers there. Perhaps the soldiers said something; often they don’t have to. The soldiers will stay until the others gather, try to help make arrangements that the family had never, not even once, believed they’d have to make. Where do you want your son buried? And with the question, the mother’s heart will scream again. Nowhere, don’t you understand? Nowhere. Not now, not ever.
And as the family buries their son, the latest victim of senseless violence and hatred bred into a 16-year-old’s bones and blood...
Continued here:  The End of the World... (sorry...)

Monday, November 11, 2013

Sunday, November 10, 2013

One State Solution

Have I posted this before? I don't know if I have, but all I can say is sometimes, when I get tired of saying it myself, I enjoy how others analyze our situation.

Those who call for a two state solution may be missing this incredible idea - the one state solution:

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Another Amazing Book Swap for Charity...

It's an amazing idea - simple, benefits everyone - and we raised a lot of money for charity. So, to those of you in Israel...

If you are desperately seeking something to read in English but don't want to pay a lot of money for new books...if you want to trade your already-read books for new ones while raising money for tzedaka...

Then join us for the 6th Great Ma'ale Adumim English Book Swap and Sale

We have 4,000 books - 95% in English - best sellers, Judaica, fiction, non-fiction, children's books, name it, we probably have it! All for only 10 NIS each! All proceeds from this swap benefit Standing Together, the Koby Mandel Foundation and 2 Maale Adumim registered charities.

Sunday evening, November 24, 2013
    7:30-9:30 PM
    Social Hall - Pnei Shmuel
    "The Down Shul" Rechov Mitzpe Nevo 102
     Egged bus #174

Monday evening, November 25, 2013
     Everything: 1₪ NIGHT
    7:30-8:30 PM
    Social Hall - Pnei Shmuel
    "The Down Shul" Rechov Mitzpe Nevo 102
    Egged bus #174

In previous book swaps, we have collectively raised over 30,000₪ for tzedaka.

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