Thursday, January 10, 2013

Only in Israel...Really

Well, maybe not. I'm not sure - but it tickles our fancy to have our prime minister be videotaped in a snowball fight with his son. It's corny; it's silly - and it is so much fun to know it snowed today in Israel.


ProphetJoe said...

I see an unusual trend here... rain and flooding. Hail, and now snow? My question is this: had the flood water receded from these cities, or has it frozen over, or is it just one BIG slushy mess?

Anonymous said...

Well, technically speaking, here in New England we'd call that more a "snow boulder" than a snowball, but the aim was excellent, especially for a less experienced Israeli. That shot went right in under the scarf...
Now, about that snowman taking shape in the background. Not so good..

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